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A Revolution in Chemistry. A New Class of Drugs.
Ensemble is the first company to successfully and reliably exploit synthetic macrocycle drugs, called Ensemblins™, a unique class of compounds ideally suited to address the industry's largest class of biological targets, Protein:Protein Interactions (PPI's).

With their distinctive macrocyclic ring structure, Ensemblins have unique chemical and biological properties to address difficult-to-address drug targets that are known to play key roles in disease processes, yet are currently undruggable with conventional small molecule drugs. Ensemblins are a new class of drugs in the emerging therapeutic space between small molecules and biologics – Small Molecules with the Power of Biologics™.

Ensemble's leadership capabilities in developing macrocycle drugs, including vast libraries of diverse Ensemblins for affinity-based drug discovery, are based on the company's proprietary, DNA-programmed chemistry (DPC) drug discovery platform. PPI’s are common in oncology and inflammation-related diseases, and the company has a pipeline of proprietary and partnered Ensemblin drug candidates against PPI’s not only to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, but a broad range of disease areas including neurology, metabolic disease, infectious diseases, and diabetes.


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