Ensemble’s mission is to develop innovative small molecule therapies to transform the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. Founded by renowned Harvard Professor David R. Liu, Ph.D. in 2004, the company is leveraging its extensive drug discovery experience and proprietary drug discovery platform, which has been validated through successful major biopharma collaborations, to transition into a product development company.

We are developing a growing pipeline of differentiated small molecule programs that expand the boundaries of traditional small molecules to drug well-validated, but challenging disease targets inside or outside cells. Our lead oncology program is focused on immune checkpoint targets, and in particular the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) pathway which is implicated in a variety of cancers including those of prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, cervical, gastric, ovarian, and lung. We also have a number of other preclinical development programs in oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Ensemble develops synthetic macrocycles and other creative small molecule solutions to address important disease targets that are not currently druggable by conventional small molecules or antibodies. Our DNA-encoded chemistry platform gives the company unmatched capabilities to successfully and reliably generate and screen millions of synthetic macrocycles and other novel compounds. With our technology platform, Ensemble expands the boundaries of traditional small molecule drug discovery, by finding drug-like properties in novel structures beyond the traditional ‘Rule of 5’.

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