Ensemble is using its drug discovery platform to develop macrocycles and other small molecule therapies that go beyond the bounds of conventional small molecules

There is a growing appreciation of the drug potential of macrocycles — a unique class of compounds that offer small molecule properties with the power of antibodies —uniquely suited to address difficult disease targets, such as protein-protein interactions.

  • Nature’s way of targeting proteinsMacrocycles are found in nature from a range of fungal, bacterial, plant, and animal species. They have evolved to fulfill specific biochemical roles by interacting selectively with specific protein targets.
  • Access to new and challenging drug targets — Macrocycles have the potential to unlock the door to many challenging disease targets unable to be accessed by antibodies or simply too large a surface area to drug using conventional small molecules.
  • A ‘right-sized’ approach — Larger macrocyclic structures can provide enough reach to interact with featureless protein surfaces that often characterize challenging disease targets. Yet, considerably smaller than antibodies, macrocycles offer the advantage of accessing intra-cellular targets as well as properties favorable toward oral bioavailability.

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